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Thank you!

The mission behind Refined is one that I will forever be passionate about. But sometimes in life, we learn that things might look a little different than we thought they would in the beginning.

My #1 priority in life is my family. And in this season, my daughter needs more of me than I’ve been able to give in the past two years. It’s time to refocus on what matters most and make hard decisions, putting my family first. And so, the time has come to say goodbye to Refined.

If you’re a current bride, do not worry! Your dress is still in production or on its way (depending on your date) and we will make absolutely sure you get your perfect dress.

To all of our designers and industry friends, past brides, current brides, and everyone we’ve met along the way, THANK YOU. Getting to know you and hear your stories has been one of my greatest joys♥️

If you're a current bride who needs to reach us, please email:

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